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The Bosch career event in Hildesheim, Germany, August 12-13, 2016

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Bosch Car Multimedia is looking for qualified and motivated individuals to join our team of more than 1,000 employees in Hildesheim, Germany.

We offer a range of job opportunities and career path possibilities for international applicants. At our career event, we will show you how working with Robert Bosch Car Multimedia in Germany can allow you to drive innovative solutions in the automotive sector on a global scale.

You can expect cutting-edge presentations from experts and the opportunity to discuss issues directly with our people. Candidates of particular interest will receive a concrete job offer from us after the event.

Start and expand your career with Bosch in Germany!

More about Bosch Car Multimedia...

About Bosch Car Multimedia

Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH places a strong focus on the development of smart solutions designed to make the in-vehicle integration of entertainment, navigation, telematics and driver assistance more flexible and more efficient than ever before. In this context, the intelligent presentation and processing of information will play an increasingly important role in the future. Growing customer interest in such topics as the reduction of fuel consumption and toxic emissions is now integral in the design of driver information and assistance systems.

In-vehicle infotainment architectures are gradually evolving into completely networked systems. The key question now is how the interaction between the vehicle and the driver or the passenger(s) will be determined and exactly what will determine it. Our job is to optimize the future of the mobile world with Driving Convenience as our goal. That’s why we work hard every day to make driving cleaner and more economical as well as safer and more convenient despite the increasing complexity of the systems.

Areas of operation

  • System integration of complex, networked Car Multimedia systems
  • Radio, entertainment, navigation, and telematics systems
  • Premium instrument clusters and head-up displays
  • Terminal devices and systems for use in commercial vehicles
  • Innovative tuner technology
  • Functional components

More about Hildesheim

More about Hildesheim

Hildesheim is located in north-central Germany. It is a cosy town in Lower Saxony, about 30 km south-east of the state capital of Hanover. With about 100,000 inhabitants, it is on the threshold between medium-sized town and big city.

Hildesheim is home to three universities and various schools offer a high-level education (e.g. secondary schools).

One can find a variety of leisure time activities, theatres, museums or historical sites.

The Hanover Airport is the largest airport and the main international hub of Lower Saxony. From Hildesheim it can be reached in approximately 30 minutes by car.


Explore exciting IT-Career opportunities at Bosch Car Multimedia and have a look at our collection of job listings in Hildesheim, Germany.

Hardware Developer Car Multimedia
Software Architect Car Multimedia
Software Developer Car Multimedia
Software Developer Security Car Multimedia
Software Project Manager Car Multimedia
Technical Expert Car Multimedia
System-/Software-developer for multimedia cloud-services

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Luis Medinas

Luis Medinas: "When I first heard about Bosch Car Multimedia my first thought was – What is going to do to an OpenSource Software Engineer in a big company like Bosch ? – Obviously this question was answered very soon and also very soon I realized that I wanted to work here. After all, this was all I ever wanted for my life. A company where we make world-class Engineering, good values and a nice city to live without almost any traffic. More...

But still having these things were not enough to feel at home, so another very important remark is how I integrated myself in the company values by developing a great relationship with my colleagues, the overall working conditions and work-life balance.

In my job, as a software architect in Automotive navigation and infotainment systems, I work in variety of areas in Software Engineering and it is nothing but really exciting and challenging. Due to this I can creatively develop new ideas which our teams and projects can benefit in the future – here the sky is the limit.

For career perspective Bosch has lots of open doors – let the time decide how to write the next chapter..."

Kanella Karytsioti

Kanella Karytsioti: "In June 2011, right before the completion of my master studies in August, I participated in the Career Event organized by Car Multimedia in Hildesheim. In September 2011, I started working in CM-AI as Test Designer. More...

This was my very first job and I have to admit that I consider myself lucky that I had such a good first experience in my professional career. Helpful colleagues, interesting tasks, thorough introductory training (very important for me, since I came directly from university...).

After short time here, I could realize that there are high career perspectives and objective criteria for these. Each employee is evaluated based only on his/her work results and good results are rewarded."

Sonia López García

Sonia López García: "My name is Sonia López García, I am from Spain and I have been living in Germany for almost 7 years. Before I had finished my Electrical and Electronic Engineering I decided to go abroad for a semester, opportunity I had not had during my studies. More...

I came to Germany through a work-placement scholarship for a planned stay of 6 months. After my scholarship, I got a job in Germany working at the wind power branch. I had been working for more than 2 years at this company when I applied for a job at Bosch and in this way I joined Bosch and came to Hildesheim which has become "hometown" in Germany.

Since almost 4 years I work in the development area at Bosch Car Multimedia on the business unit Automotive Navigation and Infotainment System(AI).

Working at Bosch Hildesheim offers me the possibility of intercultural collaboration and teamwork with different Bosch locations and the opportunity of being in touch with the state of the art every day, furthermore a flexible workday with helps me to made compatible work and private life and the possibility to improve my career prospects."

Kateryna Krykunova

Kateryna Krykunova: "Summer 2011 I have applied for a product software developer position at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, and the feedback was positive. Since I have the Ukrainian citizenship, I used to have some doubts first concerning the details of my employment - like becoming a visa and working permit. But with the friendly support of our Human Recources department, these formalities were over soon. More...

Working in the core navigation department for now more than 3 years, I have discovered lots of chances for my personal and professional advances. Among them I can mention a wide range of training programs and workshops, a (Women) Mentoring Program and an outstanding working climate.

My personal experience also shows that active and creative engineers can always obtain chances for the development of their management skills. I'm really happy to face the future as a part of dynamic and innovative Bosch group."


Enabling of a German language course at a state-recognise language school:
For Employees who have not reached level „CEF (Common European Framework) B1“ prior to entry can make use of a language budget of up to 2,500 EUR, with accompanying dependants/partners up to 1,500 EUR in total.
One-time reimbursement for advertising and locally-applicable agency fees for the lease of an apartment:
- Max. Amount 2 months bare rent,
- In case of purchase/lease purchase of living space, up to max. 1.500 EUR
Transport of furniture
Reimbursement of the costs of furniture transport for
- a direct location from the existing main/family home to the new main home or
- hiring a truck/transporter

Travel and accommodation expenses due to relocation
One-time reimbursement of public transport (2nd class train ticket, economy class flight, allowance for using car)

Relocation lump sum
To establish the primary residence at the new ERST, a flat cost contribution shall additionally be granted to cover all costs incurred during the move and for all other related expenses.

Advance payment for furnishings
Interest-free advance for furnishing (repayable in 12 monthly instalments)

Special leave
In order to implement the move, you shall receive a paid leave of absence (special leave without additional holiday remuneration) of maximum 3 days.
Reimbursement of transport costs:
- 2nd class train ticket
- Economy class flight
- Allowance for using car
The remuneration for your work is not just good, it´s also fair. In addition to your basic salary, there are also attractive benefits, like our company pension scheme, health care, social counselling and care. And the more you put into your work, the more you’ll get out of it – as part of our work bonus scheme.
The family-friendly company helps you to integrate the two important things: work and family matters.
We promote equal opportunity worldwide, because we all benefit by treat each other with greater respect.
Create your own personal freedom: lots of ways to make your working hours more flexible. Employees should have time for further training, personal commitments and time with your family.
To be also a social and reliable employer after your working time at Bosch, we are going to support our employees by different retirement arrangements. Examples: a monthly bonus and the opportunity to save a certain percentage of your ordinary content for your future pension.
At Bosch, you will find many different opportunities for having fun and keeping fit by different activities. We support our sports and social clubs by purchasing equipment, providing rooms and training trainers.
We are confident that our cultural diversity makes us strong: pooling and sharing our collective cultural knowledge.
Because Bosch is a global player, it´s very important to have people who can move confidently in global circles. We have been sending associates around the world successfully for over a century. And of course, your family is always part of the deal.
There are three directions your career can take: a specialist career, line manager, or project management. We set up the framework, you fill it out. Whether you stick to one path or switch to another track is entirely up to you.
At Bosch, we value your specialist knowledge – just as much as your ability to pull together with co-workers and set the right priorities. That is the reason why we help you to develop all of your qualities – both personal and professional.
We´ll get you ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. You have the freedom to develop your talents and personal strengths by a systematic approach.


Please apply by using the “Apply now!”-button. Complete the online application form, add your CV and certificates (e.g. a transcript of your university records and job references).

All applications will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will only be seen by selection managers at access KellyOCG and Bosch Car Multimedia.

Application deadline is July 17, 2016.

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Bosch is inviting you for this exciting event. Your accommodation, food and beverages will be covered by Bosch. You will just be accountable for your individual expenses, e.g. telephone, minibar or parking costs. Moreover, Bosch will pay for your travel costs (2nd class train ticket, economy flight).

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We are looking for professionals and graduates with experience in fields such as software/hardware development, software/hardware architecture, project management, IT security, construction, product management, quality management or related subjects. Good English skills are necessary.

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